Master's Dry Carpet Cleaning LLC - Service at Your Feet!
Master's Dry Carpet Cleaning LLC - Service at Your Feet!

Master's Dry Carpet Cleaning LLC : Serving at your feet

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We are pleased to announce the next generation of our cleaning family. If you have been with us for some time you will know that I (Julie) have had some health issues. I needed to slow down and focus a little more on taking care of my own health. We decided to close the business because we didn’t want to press our own dreams onto our children. They have grown up seeing all of the good and the difficulties within the business. At the last minute Heather and her husband Wang approached us and asked us if we wanted them to take on the business. We are so happy that the Master’s Dry Carpet Cleaning customers and long term clients win in this transaction.

Heather and Wang have both been in customer service businesses for many years now and have lots to offer. Heather knows the technicalities of dry carpet cleaning by helping through the years. And Wang is excited to come in alongside to offer his expertise in various aspects of service and business ownership.

Master's Dry Carpet Cleaning’s focus is service at your feet! We maintain our focus before we arrive and beyond the time that we leave your home. Treading lightly on the earth that we are to be stewards of is a part of how we focus on service at your feet. Taking care of your children, all the beloved four legged family members’, and your own health concerns by providing a clean environment and only using safe chemicals for you and the environment.

Here in the Puget Sound region we can get a little spoiled with all the beauty that the water provides from the dramatic clouds, to the lush vegitation, to the lakes, rivers, and the Sound itself. Too much water or water in the wrong places can be damaging to property and potentially hazardous to your health, for these and ecological reasons Master's Dry Carpet Cleaning strongly believe in “dry” carpet cleaning. I use quotations because the method that we use is not water free, however significantly reduced water usage from steam cleaning methods. In fact our systems uses 3–5% of the water that a steam cleaner uses. There are econimical, envirnmental, and health advantages that the homeowner or business owner will see. With less water there is less dry time so that you can get back to life or business as usual right away.

The difference between the service that Master’s Dry Carpet Cleaning provides and other carpet cleaners is within the total service. We begin with a thorough assesment of your need, by interviewing, and visual clues. Many times our clients have needs that we can meet that other carpet cleaners may not even have as part of their service. Our focus is the carpet needs and the needs of each individual client. For example part of our equipment is a small vacuum with an extending wand attachment that will reach those tall cathedral cealings that are too tall for most homeowners to reach so we will vacuum the cobwebs from tall cealings for them. We will vacuum air duct covers often. Sometimes a homeowner is unable to move furnature, we move the furnature that is not too heavy, large, breakable, or sensitive to accomplish the most thorough cleaning possible.



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