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Occasionally you might catch Jessie in this country, but she enjoys spending her spare time in other parts of the world. After being indoctrinated into the joys of multi-cultural bliss by her client, she says she wants to accomplish her bucket list at an early age. She’s gotten a back massage by an elephant, ridden a horse on the beach in Thailand, experienced New Year’s in Ireland, and has visited more cathedrals than she ever thought she would in a lifetime.

Since she graduated high school in 2010 she’s visited much of the Asian coast, from Malaysia to Japan, and taken a two month long trip to Great Britain with her brother, Ben. Jessie has now travelled through much of the South East, Mid-West, and East Coast. She is doing a long term volunteer stent with NCCC and FEMAcorps. She would like to possibly end up with the PeaceCorps. 

Jessie is still on her quest to visit a good portion of the world. Her and her brother Ben have gotten another trip under their belts. this time 6 months abroad. She is currently in the application process to do another year with AmeriCorps, this time as a team leader. 

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