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Penny is our younger cat, she was originally a feral cat and we rescued her. She knows the rules and she follows them to the letter. We got her when she was 3 weeks old, I do not recommend to take a kitten from her mother that early however in her case it worked  to our advantage. We had Emma and a Blue Heeler, named Snickers, at the time that we acquired Penny. Emma kept Penny in her place, however Snickers mothered Penny. Because we had to bottle feed Penny and Snickers’ constant “care” mothering or nagging Penny thinks she is a cat-dog-people– thing.

 Penny is now a 6 pound boss. She has pins on her feet and the dog doesn't. Besides who said that size matters. She's nothing but fluff and stuff ...and bossy attitude.

our hipster cat sporting a handlebar mustache
Hostile take-over of the C.F.O. position by Penny


About 3 years ago Snickers lost the battle with cancer. She was the cat’s meow. It took about 3 years for her to become perfect but she did it. It was very difficult to loose her as anyone who has 4 legged family members can attest. And we said, we swore, that we would not get another dog. We couldn’t put our hearts through that again.

         In the late autumn I was out and about and met up with a lady who had a Red Heeler with the same temperament as Snickers. She mentioned that she would breed her Red in the spring, she already had 5 prospective new homes for the pups. ...I had a weak moment and said to put us on the bottom of the list, (hoping, and not, that the mom would only have 5 or less pups) Heidi called us just before Christmas and said that she had 7 pups that were ready for adoption on New Years Day 2014. Heidi has hand picked one for us, at her first home her name was Spud, We call her Lacey now.

Like Snickers it may take a while for perfection, but she is working on it. Lacey is reminding us that she's almost there. She has won our heart strings easily and will be here with us for a good long time.


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