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Water Wise Gardening

Landscape watering and toilet

Landscape watering and toilets are the two biggest water wasters in the home. In fact, during the summer, half of all household water use can be for the lawn and garden. However, it's possible to dramatically reduce your water consumption, lower your water bill and still have a beautiful, productive garden. click for full article


I Don't feel bad getting rid of this...

Sometimes the hardest thing about clutter is simply letting go. Perhaps you spent a lot of money on something that you rarely use...but the fact that you spent a lot of money is stopping you from saying good-bye. Maybe it's something someone gave may not have the room or the use, but the thought of parting with it sends a twinge of guilt up your spine. Could it be that you're having trouble bidding a fond farewell to something you haven't used, worn, or loved in years, because you think you might use it 'someday?' Here's a paradigm switch for you. Instead of feeling guilty because you're holding onto clutter...reframe your mind to feel guilty instead about... click for full article

Leftovers a whole new meal Click for full article

Baking serves up skills for kids of all ages click for full article

Entertaining Ideas for Outdoor Dining. Click for full article. 

Re-think Your Garden. Click for full article.

Big Fun - Small Cost, An at-home sports day. Click for full article 

Make Mother's Day Picture Perfect! click for full article.

 Great Gift Ideas For Mom click for full article.

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